Friday, May 16, 2008


Wag your tail thang,
Wag your tail thang,
yeah, yeah!

It's here!!!

Excitement doesn't even cover the uh, excitement Mary (Milkbone), Melinda (Mad Dog) and yours truly (d.d. dawg) are experiencing as we prepare for book signings, book tours (look for us at a book store near you!) and festivals.

Echelon Press and we (the authors) promise you'll find something funny and heartfelt in this new read. It will make a great gift for yourself (if you, like us, have been looking to howl at the aging process!) or for any woman who has hit headon (or about to) that magical midlife milestone.

Click on the book cover for preorders! And, please check out our WOOFers Club blog for more info!

WOOF: Your pawsport to the world of Great Dames!

Monday, May 12, 2008

If One's Good...

We love books, right? But just how much? Enough to set aside 12 buildings on our rural property where we house one million (yes, MILLION) tomes? Sure, we would if we could. But you gotta admit, THAT amount of effort takes an amazing passion for books.

Central Wisconsin, off County Road K, that’s where Lloyd Dickman cultivates wheat and corn while his wife Lenore grows the book collection. The Dickman’s bookstore is open regular business hours on Saturday and anytime by appointment…or if you happen to find them stocking shelves and not out procuring more books.

During an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Lenore, who rather likes her Dickman system for cataloging instead of Dewey’s, pointed to a book table she says is the most important of all. The table does not labor under the weight of leather-bound classics like “Tale of Two Cities” or “Les Miserable.” Rather small, colorful reads such as “Mother Goose.”

“If a child knows eight nursery rhymes by the time he is four years old,” said Lenore, now retired, but who, with her husband’s support and sacrifice, earned a PhD, “that child will be an excellent reader by the time he is eight years old.”

Personally, I have to trust the opinion of someone ensconced by that much paper and ink; a person who when additional book space was needed, cleaned out, fixed up and roofed a huge storage bin that once held cow manure. Actually, that project was Lloyd's contribution. Soon he’s going to turn over one-third of his tractor garage to Lenore’s ever-expanding stockpile.

That’ll bring their bookstore “chain” to 13. All that without serving one cup of coffee or surfacing the long dirt road leading to their store.

Yeah, one has to love books nearly as much as they do to venture out to their place. And that’s exactly what the Dickman’s count on.