Friday, April 3, 2009

What a gurl's gotta do...and why.

It was over. The roots ripped from their canal. Or is that canals? Anyhoo, it was time...A gurl's gotta do what a gurl's gotta do.

Everyone knows Estee Lauder runs out of their gifts with purchase in the first few days of a campaign. Well, okay, if they don't run out, often all they have left are colors no one else in their right minds would wear...

Besides that, it was April 2nd. I only had until April 19th before the offer ended. A meer 17 days!

Fortunately, a result of the root canal less than an hour before, there was only a hint of drool at the corner of my mouth (confirmed during a stop at a Lancome mirror) and my right cheek just slightly drooped ( when I placed my elbow on the counter and matter-of-factly cradled my chin in my hand, who knew!). The salesclerk, however, might have thought I'd been nipping at the red wine a few hours early when I requested their biggest bottle of Pa-fec-nis.

Guess I don't have to tell you WHY last night was the best I've slept since setting the dentist appointment and getting EL's "Gift Me" notification.

It was over. I had the cool shades.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Open wide and say "WHY?!?!"

Oh, you're going to be sooooo envious when I tell you what I'm doing tomorrow.

It involves a canal...and running water...and a man...Romantic, huh?

Well, not when it's a ROOT CANAL and the water will be squirting in my mouth (and spraying up my nose!) from a long tube and the man is my dentist!

Yikes! How'd I get myself into this mess?!?!

Yeah, I know it could be a whole lot worse, and I'm glad it's nothing REALLY serious.

But still, WHY are there just some things we do not want to experience?!

Like root canals...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Why So Many Books and So Little Time?

Well, I don't know...Seriously, don't have a clue.

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