Friday, April 3, 2009

What a gurl's gotta do...and why.

It was over. The roots ripped from their canal. Or is that canals? Anyhoo, it was time...A gurl's gotta do what a gurl's gotta do.

Everyone knows Estee Lauder runs out of their gifts with purchase in the first few days of a campaign. Well, okay, if they don't run out, often all they have left are colors no one else in their right minds would wear...

Besides that, it was April 2nd. I only had until April 19th before the offer ended. A meer 17 days!

Fortunately, a result of the root canal less than an hour before, there was only a hint of drool at the corner of my mouth (confirmed during a stop at a Lancome mirror) and my right cheek just slightly drooped ( when I placed my elbow on the counter and matter-of-factly cradled my chin in my hand, who knew!). The salesclerk, however, might have thought I'd been nipping at the red wine a few hours early when I requested their biggest bottle of Pa-fec-nis.

Guess I don't have to tell you WHY last night was the best I've slept since setting the dentist appointment and getting EL's "Gift Me" notification.

It was over. I had the cool shades.


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Patty Gironda said...

i want some . . . not the free gift