Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's Why...

I'm not worried about future generations...Well, okay, I am...

BUT not so much after today.

These first and second graders at Dorsett Shoals Elementary in Douglasville, GA, renewed my faith that children ARE our future.

First graders understood the concept and wanted to know about book publishing! Who knew?!?

And they asked detailed questions about how I illustrated Wendel Wordsworth: No Words for Wendel. So I told them. At times I was sure I'd lose 'em, that their big eyes would glaze over. But, hey, I had a hard time staying ahead of the curve with these kids.

So, let's give a big shout-out to parents and teachers who invest time and a whole lot of energy on children entrusted to their care and well-being.

Okay, my granddaughter is still, let's face it, the most exceptional child ever created. But I guess there are actually kids out there who run a very close second!