Wednesday, August 31, 2011

why u r beautiful

Seriously. Can you honestly say you are beautiful?

Is it because your definition of beauty has changed over the years?

Has your need to be beautiful lessened or increased?

Is this you? You’ve suddenly blossomed into the vibrant woman you always wanted to be.

Or are you still struggling with the image in the mirror on those rare occasions you find courage to face it?

But, really, how much does “beauty” actually have to do with our lives? Is it just one of those overused words and ideals? Or is it the basis of all life? Of every woman?

“Beauty once seemed to me to be an accident of nature. …But now that I can see my life on my face, I realize we earn the way we end up looking. Time, it seems, gives us all a chance to really be beautiful.” – Ann Curry

So, is it safe to say that beauty has nothing to do with physical perfection? That therein lies confusion?

Perfection is often seen in terms of flawlessness and directly linked to beauty. Sure, that’s one way to look at it. But perfection as demonstrated by excellence is … perfection!

Can it be beauty is simply being the best we can be…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

So, let me ask again. Are you beautiful? And I don’t mean when you’re dressed to the nines. I mean right now. Where you are this very minute. In front of your computer screen. In your nightgown. Hair uncombed. Nails chipped.

Do your lips have a slight upturn? Are your shoulders relaxed? Are you content to be reading about beauty and seeing yourself for the amazing woman you are? Does your heart flutter just a bit…falling in love with yourself all over again or for the first time?

Not because you’re flawless. (There’s always room for improvement!) Because u r beautiful.

~ Diana Black

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