Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Would A Woman Ever Wear These?

I dunno.

Well, what I've heard is that very, very high heels make a woman look extra ...appealing to the opposite sex. And that very, very high heels shift the stance just so, and certain parts of a woman's anatomy are, shall we say, accentuated.

Very, very high heels are also very, very uncomfortable.

No news there, but every so often I feel the need to again explain that I haven't given up on trying to look sexy, my feet just won't "do the walking" anymore.

But there are other ways...some involving melted chocolate.

Warm, dark chocolate.

At the end of the day, with the stilettos tucked away in a shoebox, and remembering to keep this PG, what makes you feel good about your body...and WHY?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why'd You Throw That Away?

There's a timely article in the March 16th Newsweek titled "The Frugal Family Guide." The author, Steve Tuttle, tells about the time he visited his parents' cabin and spotted a dead mouse in a rusty trap. Assuming he was doing his mom and dad a favor, he threw away the mouse...and the
dilapidated old trap.

WRONG! When his deed was disclosed, his parents just shook their heads and lamented they'd had that trap since they got married (about a half-century before.)

Tuttle goes on to say his parents are not cheap. They just don't throw out anything that's still getting the job done. Like that mouse trap (which obviously was still doing the trick!)

So, I'm looking at those things I automatically toss out without considering if they're really outdated or of no further purpose.

Most who know me would say I err on the side of caution and keep things waaaay past their prime. Like the last cell phone I turned in that was creeping toward antique status.

At the end of the day, WHY do we hold on to things too long or not long enough?