Saturday, May 9, 2009

See Why!

And you wonder WHY I'm the way I am!

In honor of Mother's Day, meet three of my amazing "Mothers."

Since they are no longer here for me to share the day,
I wanted to share them with you...

Top: My maternal grandmother,
Lulu Pearl Lord, (far right) clowning with friends.
(At least she wasn't smoking a corncob pipe like HER mother!)

Bottom left: My mother, Mary Elizabeth Richert,
"opening" a Christmas present!

Bottom right: My mother-in-law Louisa "Fern" Boley.
This was the most tame picture I could find!

Thank you, ladies. You changed my life, and I'll always love you...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Michael J. Fox?

What a great guy...Michael J. Fox. Funny. Smart. Easy on the eyes. Dedicated husband and father.

So why did this thing, Parkinson's disease, happen to HIM of all people?

I don't know. (Yep, a theme's emerging here at Basic Black Blog ... I don't know much.)

I do know this. This thing has taken much from him and his family, this thing that in his own words has turned Fox into a "human whirligig."

This thing does that to people...Often it also turns more than their bodies into whirligigs. It grabs every conceivable aspect of their lives and spins it out of control.

Sometimes people afflicted with life-changing illness become bitter and closed-off from the world. But sometimes people still find humor and seek ways to make a difference...

Clearly we see the direction this actor has chosen. Why Michael J. Fox?

ABC special "Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist,” aires 9:00 p.m. Thursday

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I'm Woozy!

Ever wonder what poets do in their spare time? Did you ever picture THIS?!?!?

No, me either...and I'm getting a little woozy just looking at the photo...

But a lot inspired...

Linda Rogers, Victoria (BC) Poet Laureate, is a force of creativity and a tireless fighter for truth and justice on behalf of children the world over. Please take a moment to read her personal interview on the
WOOFersClub blog...Then check out her website.

You'll discover WHY this neighbor to our north is ... on Top of the World!