Saturday, May 9, 2009

See Why!

And you wonder WHY I'm the way I am!

In honor of Mother's Day, meet three of my amazing "Mothers."

Since they are no longer here for me to share the day,
I wanted to share them with you...

Top: My maternal grandmother,
Lulu Pearl Lord, (far right) clowning with friends.
(At least she wasn't smoking a corncob pipe like HER mother!)

Bottom left: My mother, Mary Elizabeth Richert,
"opening" a Christmas present!

Bottom right: My mother-in-law Louisa "Fern" Boley.
This was the most tame picture I could find!

Thank you, ladies. You changed my life, and I'll always love you...


Eileen Williams said...

Oh, Diana--

What a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day! I LOVED seeing the photos of these remarkable (and obviously witty women) who had such an impact on your life. And, if they're the reason you are the way you are, remember the quote in Bridget Jones' Diary "I like you just as you are!"
Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend!

Diana Black said...

And Happy Mother's day to you, too, Eileen!!

Women have such strong influence on young girls and ladies. Who can we be if not for those who lead the way? Those who love us in spite of ourselves...and who we love even in the hardest of circumstances.

And then we get to this age when we support and shine on each other...Just like you do for me, dear faraway friend!

Hugs, Diana

Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, these photos are priceless! Especially your g.grandmother and her corn cob pipe!!

Happy Mother's Day, all!


Patty Gironda said...

what a great post! And three generations of fun and imagination!