Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I'm Woozy!

Ever wonder what poets do in their spare time? Did you ever picture THIS?!?!?

No, me either...and I'm getting a little woozy just looking at the photo...

But a lot inspired...

Linda Rogers, Victoria (BC) Poet Laureate, is a force of creativity and a tireless fighter for truth and justice on behalf of children the world over. Please take a moment to read her personal interview on the
WOOFersClub blog...Then check out her website.

You'll discover WHY this neighbor to our north is ... on Top of the World!



Gayle Carline said...

Why is she the only one in the helmet? Is the guy so macho he doesn't need one? Or does he know the helmet is just for looks - if you fall, you're dead, helmet or no.


Diana Black said...

Excellent question, Gayle! I hadn't even noticed that...

So, have you ever done anything so daring, helmet or no?