Friday, May 1, 2009

That's Just My Egg Timer...Why?

In addition to this blog and the WOOFers Club, Wendel Wordsworth...Oh, the list goes on, I also co-host an "authors helping authors" blog, Bookland Heights: Moving to New Heights in the Land of Books.

Our guest author for the next several days is Sunny Frazier...and though I've yet to read her books, her blog comments convince me to snatch up all her titles!

For example this question was posed to her: "When do you find time to write with all the promo you are doing? (he he--I'm hoping for a secret.)" ...

Sunny's comment:

I'm really into pacing myself and not setting unreachable goals. My secret? Kitchen timers. I have them all over the house. I work at the computer on a story, email, promotion, for 45 minutes. Ding! I get 15 minutes to eat, write bills, clean a room, read a book, watch TV, power nap or play with the cats. This goes on all day. It's my productive way of being OCD. The day flies by, I get a lot done, and I don't feel I've neglected other parts of my life. I go to bed every night tired but fulfilled.
Kids, don't try this at home.

I love this solution to especially getting sucked up into computer work, social know spending waaaaaaaaay too much time...oh, I don't know, blogging maybe?!?!

Hope you'll read more of her comments (well, and her books, too!). Why? Sunny's a fascinating person and a damn good writer...


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I think this would totally work for me ... I know my husband would appreciate the resulting chores done! :-)

Gayle Carline said...

I love this idea and can see two immediate problems at my house. First, my dog goes off the charts, barking, whenever the timer goes off, so part of my day would be taken up by, "Mikey! Knock it off!" And second, when my timer goes off, it means food is ready - I might end up having to eat something at every bell. It could get out of hand.


Regan Black said...

I wouldn't call that OCD, I'd call that SMART! I've made similar efforts in the past (and been productive).
Hmm, maybe it's time to re-implement! I really like the power nap idea =)


Mary Cunningham said...

I'm getting me an egg timer!


Anonymous said...

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