Thursday, March 5, 2009

One of Many Reasons Why...

Okay, so I won't go into the OTHER reasons I adore this woman, my friend Carol. (The majority would have you questioning our sanity. (rightfully so!) Others are too close to my heart.)

But this one reason, this ONE reason is worth sharing with the world!

Carol's son and his wife just returned from Africa where they finally had the joy of meeting Aberash, their now youngest of three daughters.

And all indications are (proof's in the pictures!) Aberash is very happy and comfortable in her new home.

A retired elementary educator, Carol is a perfect mentor--on so many levels-- for this delightful, young girl. She volunteers several times a week both at a school and a local hospital, and still pays weekly visits to a colleague who suffered a stroke many years back. She's one of funniest women you could ever hope to meet, and Aberash will learn first-hand from "Gram" that she can succeed at anything she sets her mind to.

So, there you have it...Aberash will come up with her own list of reasons WHY. This is just one of mine...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Annie Leibovitz I'm Not...

I try. Really I do...

Alas this is the best group shot I managed to salvage of the Echelon Press booth at the South Carolina Book Fest. (Sorry, Marc, you were probably making a sale just to my right.)

Anyhoo, pictured here are (l to r): Sam Morton, Marc Vun Kannon's daughter Julia, Regan Black, , Karen Syed, Regan's daughter Jordan, Marlis Day (in red), Jaquelyn Sylvan, Austin Camacho, and Mary Cunningham.

Though blueprints were hastily drawn up resembling an ark, spirits of those attending or hawking their books were not dampened. Authors are nothing if not resilient!

So...please check out these witty, talented writers...and see WHY their books are read the world over.