Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Would A Woman Ever Wear These?

I dunno.

Well, what I've heard is that very, very high heels make a woman look extra ...appealing to the opposite sex. And that very, very high heels shift the stance just so, and certain parts of a woman's anatomy are, shall we say, accentuated.

Very, very high heels are also very, very uncomfortable.

No news there, but every so often I feel the need to again explain that I haven't given up on trying to look sexy, my feet just won't "do the walking" anymore.

But there are other ways...some involving melted chocolate.

Warm, dark chocolate.

At the end of the day, with the stilettos tucked away in a shoebox, and remembering to keep this PG, what makes you feel good about your body...and WHY?


Anonymous said...

I have sexy toes. My hubby agrees. They are not long and scrawny, they are not short and fat, they are just right. I keep my feet in pretty good shape, so that my feet are sexy without those damn heels. A little bit of sexy polish and there you go!

I also work on keeping my hands looking nice. No guy wants to see gnawed off nails and dead skin when a soft hand glides across his...chest. I was gonna say chest, honest.

I hated when I found out about my heart condition because both my hands and my feet (and everything else) swelled up ten times their normal size. I felt so not sexy.

But more than anything, sexy is in the mind.

Gayle Carline said...

A pair of jeans and high heeled boots (yes, I've got a top on - sheesh!) make me feel like I'm on top of the world. I don't care for stilettos, but I like heels because I am five-foot-almost-two. I'm taller inside my head, so with heels, I can be as tall as I think I am.

Gayle Carline

Diana Black said...

Oh, ladies, I LIKE the way you think!

And you'd love the women in my dance class. No matter our outward appearance, we are dancing divas... salsa in sneakers... Shaking all the right "thangs" at all the right times.


Un-huh, Un-huh...

Sizzle Sisssss-ters!


Eileen Williams said...

I've heard that "the flatter the heel, the older the woman." If that's true, then I'm well over a hundred. I can't stand even "kitten heels." (I think that's what they call the 1 inch heels these days.)
But that's not a problem. The part that is supposed to get accentuated, already is. Nature and a few years under my belt has taken care of that. FOR SURE!

Diana Black said...

I've learned so much from you today, Eileen! I love "kitten" heels. I guess that's opposed to heels one wears to "cat around!"


No, I mean...WOOF! :>)