Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why don't we all get "The Call"...or do we?

Mother Teresa answered her call.

Her actions continue to make a difference every day, and throughout the world.

And though I've yet to read it, and Mother Teresa never wanted anything written that glorified her life, apparently a wonderful account that respects her wishes can be found in Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge.

But back to the original question, do we all get some sort of a "life's calling," and what's the loss if we don't pick up the phone?

At the end of the day, why is it so hard for some of us to admit we might, too, have some mission that even requires a call?


Cindy said...

I wonder about the same thing. Personally, I think the majority of us do get the call. Unfortunately, we don't hear very well because we're preoccupied or alseep. Sometimes, there are well-meaning people in our lives who decide the 'call' isn't good enough for us and we're directed elsewhere like we're still under construction.

...that's what I love about getting older -- I can answer or pretend to still be asleep. I know I'm still under construction, but at my age, it's my construction by my design!

Diana Black said...

What a great thought, Cindy! We're under construction. I love it! There's a whole post in that thought. Care to be a guest blogger using that subject? I'd love it...


Eileen Williams said...

I agree that we get the call and we get it a number of times throughout our lives. In fact the word, "vocation," has to come from "vocal" and, therefore, calling.Callings can be both external (money, fame, prestige) and internal (service, sacrifice, love).

I think we often pay more attention to the outer callings especially when we're younger. Internal callings need a bit of depth and sense of purpose to really hear.

Diana Black said...

Eileen, how insightful, and I couldn't agree more. Wish I'd been more intune in my younger years, but, as they say, that's ancient history and what matters is how closely I listen in this moment.

One thing that is speaking to me loud & clear is that I would also love for you to quest blog one day at your convenience. I think your Feisty Side of Fifty is fantastic, and know the kinds of great ideas you post on a regular basis!

I will take nothing less than a YES!