Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why'd I Write That Song?

Many years back, Amy Grant said upon the death of her dear friend, "Minnie Pearl," that she would miss her more than words could say. But that she also didn't have "to see the ocean to know it's blue."

Touching words on so many levels.

I was living and writing in Nashville at the time and immediately set out to write a song with that title. "I Don't Need To See The Ocean" has turned out to be one of my favorite songs, though it has yet to be recorded.

Why mention this, besides the beauty in Grant's words and the fond memories of an amazing woman of humor and humility, Sarah Cannon?

The ocean is a place I return to over and over and over...and hope to for the rest of my life. My shoulders lower and spirits soar at the sound of waves hitting the shore. And I guess just like Amy Grant, I had to admit that I can live without something I love so much, because I know its beauty and feel a connection no matter what.

Has there been something or someone in your life that you felt so strongly about, that you couldn't ever imagine being without, that presented an unexpected gift at its loss?


Mary Cunningham said...

Of course you feel this way about the ocean. You're pisces! Me too.

Nice post!

Diana Black said...

Hey, glad you stopped by!

I'm not sure, but I think I saw a pod of whales in the distance!


Carol said...

Didn't know you thought so highly of the ocean. I remember a time when you had more sand than you wanted in your swimsuit when you "accidently" went body surfing. Ring a bell?

Diana Black said...

Oh, do I remember! Man, it HURT too!

Them wuz sum gud thymes!


Eileen Williams said...

It's interesting that I read your post this morning. I've been a out of touch lately because my favorite aunt passed away on the 19th and I was out of town for her funeral. Throughout the various visits and remembrances of her life, I could feel her presence. And, just like the ocean, the humor and sadness alternated in waves of emotion. So, your lovely post really means a lot. Thanks, my friend.

Diana Black said...

Eileen, I was so sorry to hear about your aunt's passing. And your comment here is so beautiful. I sense your aunt was very special (like her niece). And don't you think nature has a way of keeping us in touch with those things & people who really mean most to us?

Again, I'm very sorry for your loss, dear friend.