Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why...You look so tired!

ACK! Will you tell me WHY anyone would say that to someone?!?!

Julia Roberts commented in an article that that is, in her opinion, the second worse thing anyone can say to a woman. (The first being, of course, the question, "Oh, when is your baby due?" Someone asked her that while she was standing there holding the child on her hip!)

I agree the tired comment is way out of line. Ask if I've gained a few pounds. (Which of course I'll deny and make the excuse it's the clothes I'm wearing that makes me look fat...Yeah, whatever.)

Ask me when was the last time I colored my hair. (I'll say, Funny you should mention it because I have an appointment in an hour -- Then I can run for the phone to schedule one with my hairdresser!)

But don't ask me why I look so tired. That stops most women in their tracks. Because that implies we have not hidden the fact we are so damn tired we can't see straight!

And that's our own fault... Because we're not taking better care of our own precious selves.

So, at the end of the day, WHY aren't we? Taking better care of ourselves, I mean?


Gayle Carline said...

It is the stupidest question/comment evah, and therefore, game for messing with the askers.

"Why do you look so tired?"
Answer 1: Because hearing you talk wears me out.
Answer 2: I'm not tired, I'm just rehearsing for a role as a corpse on CSI.
Answer 3: It's the new look, exhausted chic. It's all over the runways this season.
Answer 4: Because I was up all night, working twice as hard as a man to earn half as much.

Any other questions?

Regan Black said...

Exhausted Chic?! I love it and will use it at the next opportunity, I'm sure there will be one...


Diana Black said...

ohmagawd! Gayle, those are the best comebacks EVAH!

Don't you know Julia Roberts would have loved for you to have been whispering in her ear!!

I need to get you on speed-dial for the next time I get caught speechless...


Mary Cunningham said...

Gaye! These are the best! Gotta remember them.


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