Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why the World Needs Roger Federer & Naomi Tutu.

Sure. It's awesome that Roger Federer has finally captured all four Grand Slam of tennis championships and now ties Pete Sampras' slam record. (There may be structural damage to my den from this morning's match!)

And what a heritage Naomi Tutu has. Daughter of Desmond Tutu, South African cleric and activist who rose to worldwide recognition during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Naomi herself a fierce advocate for human rights.

But others have won championships and been born to notable heritage and spoken on behalf of others' rights. What sets these two individuals apart?

They don't give up. They don't do anything without the best of intentions. They give back, again and again...again. They come from a place of integrity. And that, my friends, the world can never get too much of.

You can do an internet search and get all sorts of info on Federer's win today. But here's a link that might mean more to you...His foundation.

And Naomi's name appears everywhere on the internet, too, but while Roger was making history in Paris, she was taping this interview for NPR's Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen.

I admire all they have accomplished. But what truly moves my heart? Their hearts.


Eileen Williams said...

These two leaders, although from far different worlds and pursuits, are both to be commended for their significant accomplishments and their commitment to society. Thank you, Diana, for opening my eyes to all they've done. They are champions in every sense of the word.

Irma Fritz said...

I would never miss a Federer event. I was up at 6 AM Sunday to watch Federer play the French Open, yelling and screaming, and tweeting his scores. And I cried with him when he won. He's such a gracious person, a true class act! Didn't know about Bishop Tutu's daughter. Thanks!

Diana Black said...

Thanks, Irma & Eileen, for you comments!! I love what each of you wrote. And that you also appreciate how powerful each of us can be...wherever we are and whatever it is we do.