Monday, January 18, 2010

Why You Can't Take Me Anywhere!

So, I’m at my book club meeting. Discussion begins in the living room after we’ve all enjoyed a sampling of wonderful food. A couple of us head to the dessert table near the sofa. I linger trying to make the best decision considering I’ve already splurged with two pieces of bread.

I quietly eye the choices. Hmmm, what’s this over here in the corner? I love those little candies, Boston Baked Beans. Maybe I’ll just scoop up a few. Wonder why there isn’t a spoon to dish them out? Oh, well, I’ll be very careful to not contaminate the ones I don’t take.

ACK! POO! SPIT! UGH!!!! What the hell is this?!?!? I say, hand to mouth, trying to run discreetly to the kitchen for the garbage can. And then my taste buds sound the alarm. Oh, my god, it’s… potpourri!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll understand if the members need to discuss whether or not I’m still allowed in the club!


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