Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why It's The Next Big Thing

I came up with a design maybe 20 years ago (yeah, when I was 8!), doodling during a Nashville workshop while a Grammy-winning songwriter passed along valuable information to those of us itching for what he had. Maybe if I'd listened more closely I too would dust one of those awards on my bookshelf. But alas...

Anyhoo, what I do have, finally, is a necklace and earrings of my design I've named "Encore." Well, with the help of my daughter. We both racked our brains and it just happened to pop into mine.

So the last few weeks have been devoted to learning how to make those little hoops on the end of straight jewelry findings. (You take these flat nosed pliers and bend the pin at a 45 degree angle and then with another tool twirl it around like you were going to start a motorcycle. Gee, why would THAT be a problem?!?!) Oh, sure, I've done other stuff since April 8th. Like spend my life savings at Michael's and open a biz account and get my GA state tax number. This is gonna be the next big thing! This new line of jewelry my daughter and I are creating.

Notables Jewelry. Catchy name, huh? Wait till you see the first three designs. Above of course is "Encore." Then there's "Tres Sharp" and "Harmony."

But what makes all this really "notable" is that it was a lifelong dream to work on a creative/business project with my daughter. And now we' the dream.

Yeah, definitely. The next big thing.


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