Thursday, May 26, 2011

That wallpaper! WHY?!?

You know how it is. You’re excited to move in a new place, still you notice LITTLE things that bug you A LOT, and you swear in a couple weeks, okay, maybe a month, you’ll have them whipped into shape.

WHY, you ask yourself, would ANYONE live with, for example, that wallpaper? Outdated? Ha, that doesn’t begin to describe it. You dare say downright repulsive is more like it.

Now, hypothetically, let’s imagine the above scene taking place in, oh, 2006. In the fall.

Summer 2007: well, the AC needs work, and new deck furniture would be nice so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard.

2008: election year and you need to vote.

2009: who can remember.

2010: the house exterior could use a fresh coat of paint, and lord knows, you have to keep up with the Joneses.

Spring 2011: YOU CAN STAND IT NOMORE! You are out of control. You sponge bathe at the kitchen sink because you can’t bring yourself to enter either bathroom. The service station down the street refuses you the restroom key even when you argue there’s no sign limiting number of uses by one individual, or family.

So the transformation of both rooms is sanctioned. It’s the best of times; it's the worst of times.

You and your sister spend amazing time together and have funny new stories in your repertoire. The rooms look amazing, and really, the worst of it? You have a little less money in your bank account, and there’s only that one associate at Home Depot who issued a restraining order.


That’s blog for another day…

~ diana


Laura L. Kirk said...

Great job!! I feel your pain. We began remodeling an entire house two years ago by gutting it completely and putting everything back. We still have shoe mold to put down in a couple of rooms, plus painting various moldings. Whew! My back hurts just thinking about it. LOL

Mary Cunningham said...

At least you didn't sit IN your kitchen sink to bathe! That would not be a pretty sight.

Btw, love both new updates.

Diana Black said...

Laura, I cannot IMAGINE undertaking a job like that! Hats off to you!!! We need the rest of the interior painted, but another time, another year!

Thanks for the comment, and here's hoping your home is soon completely the way you want it!

Diana Black said...

Mary, now that was an image I didn't need! LOL!!! Glad you like the KNOW how much those two rooms needed to be made happy.