Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Women Boomers don't "beat around the bush!"

Please carefully read this short email thread (there’s a test!):

The tree person was here this morning to look at the pine trees and give a quote.

Do you like them so far?

Yes, I have estimates and they seem very nice.

So, who do you think composed these emails?  
A. two males
B. two females
C. one of each 
D. none of the above

Bravo! Yes, the messages were written by two females!

Seriously, guys just don’t ask the hard questions when it comes to determining qualifications for removing 5,000-foot pine trees tucked between two houses in a densely populated area.  It’s not about whether the company is insured, bonded or licensed for longer than two hours.

Good grief, no.  Why, Boomer Women understand there’s no time to “beat around the bush” on matters of such importance.  The following query is where the timber hits the ground.

Did the business rep:

·       Ring the doorbell and respectfully retreat to the edge of the porch?
      ·       Say “please,” “thank you” and “yes, ma’am”?
      ·       Wear their hat with the brim in front and shirt neatly
               tucked in, and appear to be someone who 
              invites their mother for Sunday dinner?

I haven’t confirmed this with my next door neighbor, but I’m confident she’ll choose a peach of a tree service.

One where everyone concerned adheres to the best practices and strictest standards—professionally and personally—known to all of humankind.

And where they report to the custodian of those principles weekly.

Sunday at dinner.

~ Diana

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