Friday, September 9, 2011

Thelma & Louise: Who Knows Why

Did you see it coming? The end. Literally. You know, of Thelma & Louise?

I didn’t. I still remember leaving the theatre a zombie.

Two decades later, I lapse into that same shock and disbelief just thinking about the movie and those two characters.

If the film has impacted your then or now self, check out a recent article about its message and the lack of substantial women flicks these days. I won’t rehash the writer’s conclusions. They are well drawn and worth the read.

But before you click away, I’m curious. Do you identify with either character? Is it Thelma? Louise? A composite? Or is it more like no way in hell does either realistically portray you or women in general then, now or ever!

Note: In case any of you tend to confuse the characters (okay, I’m really doing this for me!), a little refresher, Susan Sarandon played Louise; Genna Davis was Thelma. (You know, the one who got lucky with Brad Pitt. Ah, NOW you, I mean, I remember!)

Well, having established who is who, back to that identity question. Personally, I’ve always thought of myself as the Sarandon character BUT with the name Thelma. (That right there says a lot about me and my split-personality.)

Yes, the one who does NOT get Kickapoo high school’s alumni. Because she had something better. A teal 1966 Thunderbird.

And, man, could that thing fly. Literally.

But I'm still not sure why...

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