Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why they get no respect!

We usually discover them when we’re moving or cleaning closets. Magic boxes filled with cards and letters from family and friends.

Each card and letter a treasure with its personal message to no one but us. Ours alone to save and savor over the years.

But, see, here’s the thing.

How many envelopes have we thrown away over the course of our lifetime that contained something equally as special as the cards or letters they enclosed?

Now before you shake your head or turn up your nose convinced those envelopes were of no significance, think about this. 

Someone other than you handwrote your name.

Hey, we all recognize our own signature. And frankly, take it for granted every day.

But think how you felt as a young girl pulling from the mailbox your first piece of mail hand addressed to you. Your name scrawled on the envelope big as life. Not your parents’ names. Your very own name.

Or how it felt the first time you saw that a boy wrote your name on a Valentine envelope. You held it in your hand knowing his fingers, hand and wrist had dipped and looped just to create your name as only he could.

For a moment no one and nothing else had mattered to him. Only you as he spelled out every letter of your name. Again, as only he could.

The connection is beyond the message on the card or letter. The sender has a motive for writing “Dear Sue” or signing with their name.

An envelope is so much more. It’s like the person who wrote your name on it forever put your name in lights. Like on a huge billboard or neon sign on Broadway!

What do we do? We rip it open and toss it aside while we go straight for what it had selflessly delivered.

Envelopes. Time to give them the respect they so richly deserve. Together, we can lick this thing!

~ Diana

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