Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sun Exercise Has Set!

Here I am practicing my Yoga poses! Okay, I lied. Heck, after a couple of decades away from Yoga, I'm lucky to put my shoes on after class! A heating pad, warm bath and Aleve have become my friends.

Back in that other lifetime, I could do the Sun Exercise with such grace and ease. Now, I feel fortunate when I don't slide off the mat or lunge into another person with my backside.

The word I will use for the experience at this phase of my life is humbling. When you have to grab your leg with one hand and move it forward, or flop into a position like a hog in mud while others are doing some swan maneuver, it makes you look at your body in a whole new light.

You have to love your body for at least getting you to class. You have to love it for managing to flop onto the mat and not into the spinning bikes lined up in the back of the room knocking them down like dominoes (becuase of course, you always head straight for the back of the room and scoot others' mats around to make a space for yourself).

So I'm here to encourage ANYONE who has the slightest nudge to take up Yoga to do it. Take it at your own pace, and be grateful for the chance to embrace something new.

Okay, where did I put that Aleve bottle?

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