Thursday, January 15, 2009

WOOFie Sue

WOOFie Sue has become more or less the mascot for our WOOFers Club. To check out more WOOFie Sue, click here!
ANd yeah, Milkbone is really Mary Cunningham. Check out her blog, too!

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Eileen Williams said...

I think Woofie Sue is just adorable and a real fashion icon, smartly dressed from head to toe in black. But, please tell me, how does she keep that waif-thin figure of hers--especially if she's into making pie crusts? And, better yet, how does she bake in heels?
I have to ask because I'm the queen of menopots and fallen arches!

Diana Black said...

Oh, I know! Every time I look at WOOFie Sue I want her to tell me her secret!

Alas, she has least not yet. Stay tuned and the moment she does, I'll post it right here!

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