Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Can't I Have A Barbie?

Me. Fifty years ago. Telling myself the doll in my hands, the one Santa brought INSTEAD of Barbie, was, in fact, Barbie.

Yeah, I'm just making that up...But, oh, how I longed to have that doll with the Miss America figure and eye shadow the color of a Southern Indiana summer sky.

But day after day Mother said, "No..." followed by some other stuff. I don't know her reasoning. My ears always shut down after hearing that two-letter word... (Sigh)

Not my mouth though. "But, why?"


Again, I never listened beyond the rejection.

That's really too bad, because Mother probably had some very good reasons.

But maybe the real reasons weren't even the ones she attempted to share with me. After all, what does a little kid understand about RBI (realistic body image)?

Regardless, I wish Barbie a happy 50th today...She's grown and matured over the years, just like the little girls who've adored her.

Even the ones who never actually had a Barbie, and will never know WHY...

For a beautiful story about Barbie and friendship, go to


Gayle Carline said...

My mom got me a Barbie without batting an eye - it's possible she thought Barbie had the ideal figure. I still have my original, plus a Skipper. I found them in a box of stuff my mom had given to my niece a few years ago.

Neither of the dolls had their original clothes, and Barbie had been given a haircut (I kind of remember doing that), so I bought them outfits and gave Barbie a french twist to hide the bald spot.

I confess, it was a thrill to dress them up again...

Gayle Carline

Diana Black said...

What a great story! I love that you recently gave your Barbie an updated French twist to hide the bald spot you'd created some years ago.

In my "formative years," I not only gave most of my dolls haircuts, I took the scissors to my bangs just before we were to have pictures taken.

Mother whisked me to the hair salon, but short of gluing the stands back on, there was nothing to be done. I still have that picture, and do I look like a dork!

Thanks for sharing! Always love hearing from you...


Mary Cunningham said...

Afraid my mom was on the same page, Diana.

I got a Betsy-Wetsy and, yes, Gayle, I gave her a haircut, too! Don't know why because she had almost NO HAIR to begin with!

I still cut my hair, to my hairdresser's chagrin.

Gayle Carline said...

Diana, Mary - what is our obsession with haircuts? I actually called my hairdresser for an intervention one day: "Larry, I know you're busy, but my bangs have gotten really long and I'm standing here with the scissors." He told me to put down the scissors and get in my car (he knew what I was capable of doing).

The story of me and Barbie continues. About 10 years ago, when we were still shopping Toys 'R Us for our son, Mattel had released "Enchanted Evening Barbie" for Christmas. She reminded me so much of my original, I told my husband I wanted her for Christmas. He now believes I collect Barbies. Every Christmas I get one, mostly high end models. I don't have the heart to tell him it was a one-time, nostalgic impulse. I just smile and put "Irish Eyes Barbie" next to "Galadriel Barbie."

I'm running out of shelf space.

Mary Cunningham said...

I don't know what comes over me. I become possessed when standing in front of the mirror with scissors in hand.

I wrote a story called, "Hair Insanity" in WOOF! Pretty much describes my, well, insanity when it comes to my hair!

Your collection sounds amazing!

Diana Black said...

Ha! Gayle, I love the Barbie every Christmas story! It's so hard to tell someone when our tastes have changed, or like you said, it's a one time "thang!" Shall we escort him to this post? That would probably put an abrupt stop to that little tradition!

So, do you all want to REALLY feel sorry for me, my deprived childhood? I never got a Betsy Wetsy either. Nope.

It's a wonder I can even function...:>)


Gayle Carline said...

Poor, poor Diana. Should we take up a collection? I could ship you one of my Barbies... do you prefer "April in Paris Barbie" or "Nutcracker Fairy Barbie"?

Eileen Williams said...

I join Gayle in sending my condolences to Diana. Now, I feel I must have truly been spoiled because I had both a Barbie (which I purchased with my allowance money) and a Betsy Wetsy.
Diana, did you at least have a Tiny Tears? Or were you the proud stage mother of a ballerina doll--complete with rubber toe shoes and feet that pointed up and down?
Oh, my friend, I certainly hope so! Otherwise, we can take up a collection and, next time your birthday rolls around, your doll dreams just might come true!

Diana Black said...

Oh, man, now I REALLY feel bad! Hadn't remembered Tiny Tears till you mentioned her...(Speaking of tears!)

Seriously, in all the discussion about Barbie, I remembered my beloved Ginny doll. I probably have a picture of her somewhere...How I adored her and all her little outfits.

So maybe my parents (and Santa!) really DID love me!

This has been such a fun discussion on the WOOF blog. Guess Barbie still has the ability to make us all a little more playful...


Diana Black said...

Okay, so I'm NOT on the WOOF blog right now.

Who can keep it all straight!??! =>(