Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why Knot?

June's quickly drawing to a close. The month everyone rhymes with moon. And the month when a lot of couples tie the knot.

My parents did. June 9, 1940.

A close friend married just a couple weeks ago. June 14th.

So why do we do it? Tie the knot that is. Living together is no longer, in most people's minds, a "sin."

So why make that life-long committment to another person? Why fight for the right to do so regardless of gender?

Oh, the picture? You'll have to guess if it's my friend or Charles & Mary Elizabeth Richert!
-- Diana


Eileen Williams said...


I loved the photo and I think I may have correctly guessed that it's of the newly wedded Richerts rather than your friend.
Funny, my parents were married on June 9th, too, but in 1943. Their photo is almost identical but by dad was wearing his army uniform. What a time that must have been--young men heading out for the battlefields and their young brides remaining home to worry and try to be brave.
We owe a lot to our parents. I should have thought of that a bit more in the '60s!

Diana Black said...

Eileen, love your comment! My dad was unable to serve our country, so during WWII he worked in a ship building yard in Southern Indiana. I remember him saying how he regreted not being able to serve, but that his efforts gave him at least a small sense of contributing. Kudos to your dad...and mom.
Hugs, Diana