Monday, July 6, 2009

Maybe THIS is why not me...

Dana Walden (keyboard) wrote this very, very cool song and had a hit with it way back when. As wonderful as that time was for him, I’m SURE his most vivid memory was watching me trip through one doorway, clear across the room, through another door, in one step, my guitar case shooting in front of me causing such momentum, I’m surprised I’m not STILL falling through the studio! Guess you had to be there…Anyhoo, it was a priviledge to get to co-write with him during that exciting period in his career. Enjoy the tune.


Eileen Williams said...

Oh, WOW, Diana--

I LOVED that song, and still do! I knew you did some song writing but had no idea of the of the talent with whom you shared the credits. Aside from your physical challenges (walking through the studio while remaining upright), it must have been an awesome experience.

You are, indeed, a lady with many talents! BRAVA!!!

Gayle Carline said...

Wow. Color me impressed!