Monday, July 13, 2009

Why You Smilin'?

What makes you smile?
What about doing something nice for someone?
Heard Garrison Keillor say that what makes our
country great is not its angry people.
It's the kind people.
Guess that could be said of any nation.
So, at the end of the day, what makes you happy?

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Eileen Williams said...

You're so right about the simple act of smiling. I always enjoy sharing a good belly laugh with a friend and there's plenty of smiles to go around, too.

But a simple smile from a stranger I pass walking down the street or when I'm out shopping really brightens my day. It's such a tiny thing to do and it spreads the kindness around like wildfire. So keep on smilin' and, as we learned to say in the seventies, "Have a happy day!"