Monday, August 10, 2009

Why To School, To School?

Because at long last, there's a comprehensive school bus safety program!

I'm so proud to be partners with Bev Bruemmer & Amber Pickle, and to have co-developed a program aimed at educating young students about school bus safety.

Spencer Crawford of the Times-Georgian wrote a wonderful article about the program, To School, To School in the Big Yellow Bus. To read the feature online, please click here.

For more info on our multi-media program, please visit

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Eileen Williams said...

Dear Diana,

You should be rightfully proud of this amazing achievement. Due to your efforts, who knows how many lives you might save? And, by using your way with words and colorful artwork, you've made it fun for the children.
Kudos to you and your friends. This is creativity at its BEST!