Monday, August 17, 2009

Why You Can't Herd Kitties!

Because there is no rhyme or reason
when it comes to kitties.
I try to control my life from the amount of detergent
in the washer to the number of words in the
first sentence of my latest book.
And kitties, well, life is always on their terms...
and about having fun!
Hope you enjoy these pics of the
Black Purrl and Captain Jack Sparrow.

(These wonderful furry friends were rescued
by amazing people and cared for on a
volunteer basis by a veterinarian.
People are good.)


Gayle Carline said...

They're very cute. My theory is that you can't herd kitties because there's nothing they love/hate enough to trade their basic soul for.


Diana Black said...

Gayle, you nailed it! That's a wonderful theory and I shall now claim it as my own!



Eileen Williams said...

I've had dogs all my life but my favorite aunt was a cat person. Whenever I'd go to visit I had my favorite of her feline companions. Charlie and I would play until HE DECIDED he'd had enough. You're right, they definitely have minds of their own!

Crystal Clear Proofing said...

Being the proud pet of two very precious furries, the reality is that we are not actually cat owners, but in fact are "owned" by our cat(s)! Bless their furry little hearts, they have us well-trained, and most definitely live life on their terms!