Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happY birthdaY, marY!

For one day...And for one day only, she's two years older than me. But I hardly EVER mention it.

Today's that daY.

Lucky for us, we're doing a TV taping today, discussing our co-authored book WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty. Gee, isn't THAT great timing?!??!

That's Mary (in red), yours truly, Mary's son, John, and granddaughter, Brittany.

Anyhoo, HappY BirthdaY to my bestest bud...

Now, why don't I just drop this silly thing about you being TWO years older than me today.... :>)


Mary Cunningham said...

Enjoy the day, you old WOOFer, you, 'cause tomorrow you'll only be ONE year younger!

(that's still bad, isn't it?)

WHATEVER! Thanks, I think.

Diana Black said...

You're welcome! Hey, what are YOUNGER best friends for if not to honor the ELDERLY!