Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why, You Shouldn't Have!

Flowers are a given for some people. Fresh-cut blossoms are as much a fixture in their home as the kitchen sink.

For others of us, they are a luxury, an indulgence.

I fall in the that latter category. (Though I keep saying I'm going to start buying fresh flowers every week.)

But if I did, would a gift bouquet like this one from my daughter and her family still seem as special?

Oh, I can't imagine anything detracting from the beauty and the love that went into sending this elegant arrangement.

And of course, my second thought (after the initial "Oh, how lovely!") was, "Why, you shouldn't have..."

My third thought? Oh, but I'm so glad you did...

At the end of the day, when someone does something special for a woman like me, WHY is it a given she'll respond with..."Why, you shouldn't have?"


Eileen Williams said...

Okay, okay, I never was the sharpest pencil in the box and, not to put too fine a point on it, age has dulled my acuity even further. So, I was perplexed.
On Feb. 24th, you celebrated Mary's birthday and, in true best friend fashion, let slip she's 2 years older than you--but this age disparity only lasts for one day. Then, on Feb. 25th, you wrote about receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers. Could it be that your birthday is today?
As a good and faithful WOOFER, I bit and put my nose to the ground to sniff out what I could. MIlkbone cleared things up by announcing that, yes, today is your birthday. Hope you have a hair-raising good time and party 'till the dogs come home!

Diana Black said...

Oh, thank you, Eileen!! What wonderful WOOFer wishes from one world-class Great Dame!

It was a good day, begun with a yummy, long-distance chat between my daughter and me (you may remember her birthday was earlier this month).

Thanks again, [insert your WOOFer name which escapes me right now because I'm one year older and therefore one year deeper into WOOFerdom and now I forget where I was even going with this oh yeah your WOOFer name]!

Hugs, d.d. dawg